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Graduation Process: Post-Residence (Delayed) Graduation

Post–Residence graduation is a process initiated by the student’s graduation review committee and is typically available only to MFA or DMA candidates who have completed all course and residency requirements and who have been before a Graduation Review Committee. MA students may be eligible for this option only under special circumstances. This option will be considered only when the Graduation Review Committee:

  1. Is not completely satisfied with the work presented; 
  2. Believes the student is committed, talented and capable of achieving degree level work; 
  3. Does not believe that additional time spent at CalArts will contribute to the student’s preparedness for the degree; and 
  4. Is convinced that a period of independent work may bring about the maturity lacking in the student’s work.

In all cases, the review committee and the student must comply with the following conditions: 

  1. This provision is available to degree candidates only;
  2. Students who have at any time been advanced in year–level will be eligible only under exceptional circumstances;
  3. Time between the regularly scheduled review and the post–residence review shall ordinarily not exceed one calendar year. Students who are unable to complete work during the first year must petition for additional time directly to their school dean. After five years, petitions for extension for completion of MFA degree requirements must be submitted to the Deans Council. After two years, petitions for extension for completion of DMA degree requirements must be submitted to the Deans Council.
  4. The graduation review committee must prepare a written statement detailing: 
    1. What the student must achieve to receive the degree; 
    2. How and where the post–residence review will be conducted; 
    3. A proposal as to which faculty members will participate in that review, including space and facilities to be used.
    A copy of the statement will be given to the student and a copy will be placed in the student’s permanent academic record. The latter will be removed from the permanent record when the student passes a post–residence review and is awarded a degree.
  5. Where special demands are made on CalArts resources such as the use of studios and/or equipment, the Vice President and CFO shall assess the student for appropriate fees. Individual schools may place restrictions on time and access.
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Sep 2017