CalArts Student Code of Conduct - COVID19 ADDENDUM

CalArts Student COVID-19 Conduct Expectations

I. Purpose

CalArts is a community that values connection. As such, we realize that an individual’s actions impact those around them. As we return to the CalArt campus in the midst of a pandemic, we must all agree on a shared set of principles and daily actions that reflect guidelines from County of Los Angeles Public Health, California Department of Public Health, Official California COVID-19 Website, CDC, and additional local, state, and federal agencies that will allow us to create a healthy, safe environment conducive to the CalArts experience. We must all do our part to keep each other and the community safe.

Informed by public health guidance, CalArts works to create policies and practices designed to keep our community safe, ensure access and quality for our students, and move our community forward. The measures described in this policy are critical in protecting both the campus as a whole and individuals at higher risk from COVID-19.

As provided in public health guidelines, a key requirement for reducing the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission involves significantly reducing the number of close ‘people-to-people’ and ‘people-to-infected-surface’ encounters. These reductions are achieved through measures described in this policy including: distancing and campus density reductions; the use of appropriate personal protective equipment and aggressive cleaning protocols; and personal hygiene discipline.


II. Policy

This addendum has been temporarily added to the Student Code of Conduct (The Code) for all CalArts students in response to COVID-19 to increase safety and accountability among students as a result of this Global Pandemic. This addendum is in effect as of September 1, 2020 and will remain in effect until further notice. CalArts reserves the right to update and make edits to this document to be compliant with the guidance that comes from local, state, and national public health agencies. Any revisions or removal of this addendum will be made clear through an email notice to all CalArts students and community members.

As we will all have to work together and abide by these guidelines and precautions when interacting with any CalArts activity or programs, all CalArts community members are required to read and acknowledge this form to indicate that you have read and understood the CalArts COVID-19 related expectations outlined in the CalArts Returns Guidelines Reported behavior violating any of these policies will be reported and handled through the conduct process for students and through Human Resources for Faculty and Staff.


III. Student Expectations

A. Physical Distancing

  • Students are expected to maintain six feet of distance from one another under all reasonable circumstances. This policy applies to all CalArts owned and managed properties, including all classrooms, indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, Steve’s Cafe, Library, and REDCAT.
  • CalArts students are responsible for reading and adhering to posted information about gathering limits and distancing while on campus or at an CalArts sponsored event.

B. Use of Personal Protective Equipment

Students are required to bring and wear disposable masks or cloth face coverings while on campus and other CalArts owned and managed properties to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Members of the campus community found not wearing a mask/face covering will be asked to retrieve and don their masks.

Mask Requirements

This includes but is not limited to:

  • When in class (in person) all classrooms and indoor spaces
  • At all times when in public areas or shared spaces within buildings including hallways
  • In a department or campus office
  • In Elevators
  • When in the dining facility (choosing/purchasing food)
  • Outdoors when near others where physical distancing of at least six feet cannot be maintained
  • When in the Library
  • When in communal gatherings or meetings (whether formal or informal), where two or more people are present
  • At any CalArts sponsored event, even if not on CalArts grounds

C. Maintain Healthy Personal Hygiene

  • Students are expected to wash their hands frequently, using soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Students are expected to use the hand sanitizer machines placed around campus.
  • When sneezing, sneeze into a tissue, throw the tissue away, and then wash your hands; if you don’t have a tissue available, sneeze into the inside of your elbow.

D. Health Monitoring/Reporting

  • As part of the CalArts return to campus guidelines, we continue to follow local health department recommendations and require that all persons check themselves for symptoms associated with COVID-19 each day before coming to campus.
  • Any individual who is exhibiting the symptoms below, is asked to stay home. Students are strongly encouraged to contact their healthcare providers if symptoms exist. At this time, COVID-19 symptoms include one or more of the following:
    • Fever of 100.4 degrees or greater
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Chills or repeated shaking with chills
    • Sneezing, runny nose, or new sinus congestion
    • Muscle pain
    • Headache
    • Sore Throat
    • Fatigue
    • Gastrointestinal (diarrhea; vomiting)
    • Loss of taste or smell
  • When asked, students must accurately and honestly report symptoms or risk factors for COVID-19.
  • Students who feel ill or have a fever may not attend class/events and must contact Student Health Services for further instruction.
  • The health screening must be completed each day to access campus facilities. You will be expected to show proof of a time and date-stamped checkmark mobile phone screen, which you will receive after completing the screening if there are no issues.
    We are working with LiveSafe App, a mobile safety communications platform to assist in facilitating the screening process.
  • CalArts will give additional instructions about health monitoring/reporting in the future as appropriate, and students will be required to follow any such instructions.

E. Required Quarantine

Any individual who answers yes to any new symptom, has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, or has traveled outside the State of California within the last 14 days, is asked to stay home.

F. Guests

Campus visitors are not allowed except for required essential services or individuals with special permission and approval from an appropriate Institute officer. Students desiring permission to have a necessary guest on campus (after students are allowed to be on campus) should contact the Interim Executive Director, Student Experience.

CalArts has suspended our on campus information sessions and campus tours. However, we do intend to start these back up when we are on campus and able to allow guests on campus. In the meantime, we are offering virtual Information Sessions. We will update this page of our website when we are able to again have campus tours. Virtual information sessions require a reservation. We encourage you to register at least a week in advance. Space is limited.


Current CalArts ID will be required in order to access the campus. In order to limit density to the building and for the safety of our community, CalArts is requiring all students, faculty, and staff to display their IDs on lanyards while on campus.

H. Travel

Students who have traveled outside of the State of California or who have traveled to CalArts from outside of the State of California will be asked to self-quarantine at home for a fourteen (14) day period.


IV. Education

CalArts recognizes the importance of communicating and educating the CalArts community of expectations of all of us in the community. As such, we are committed to providing updated communications and education of best practices and to ensure the community understands the Institute expectations. Such efforts include:

  • Community signage, physical distancing, and reminders
  • Elevator capacity signage
  • Updated Information on the CalArts website
  • Expectations surrounding movement when on campus
  • Community signage on how to check daily symptoms
  • Education/expectations of what to do if you have symptoms
  • Education/expectations of what to do if you test positive
  • Provide Clear mechanisms to report symptoms or confirmed positivity
  • Signage and videos on how to properly wash hands
  • Educational material and signage explaining what is considered face coverinf
  • Educational material demonstrating face covering and why it's important
  • Clear mechanism of how to report concerns
  • Promptly address behavioral compliance concerns. You can submit a concern through the LiveSafe App.


V. Student Conduct Process

Students alleged of violating COVID-19 policies, per the Student Code of Conduct, will be subject to the student conduct process.

A. Applicable Student Code of Conduct Violations:

Disorderly or disruptive conduct
Conduct that interferes with CalArts authorized activities, including teaching, administration, and/or other activities conducted, sponsored, and/or permitted by the Institute.

Failure to Comply
Failing to comply with a directive to disperse by CalArts officials or emergency personnel. Students are required to comply with clearly indicated safety precautions and reasonable requests of CalArts employees.
Failure to comply with sanction(s) imposed by the Conduct process.

Continued infraction of the Code or the COVID-19 Guidelines.

B. Off-Campus Behavior Expectations

It is important to remember that the risk of infecting oneself or others is not limited by the boundaries of campus. The same level of care taken with behaviors on campus to protect oneself and others must be taken with behaviors off campus, including wearing a mask, maintaining physical distancing, and avoiding large gatherings, as well as complying with federal, state, county, and local capacity guidance as applicable. The Institute may take action for allegations of off-campus misconduct that violates any Institute policies, and/or federal, state, or local ordinances, including Los Angeles County public health guidance.

Off Campus Expectations:
All off-campus students are subject to the same expectations and disciplinary actions outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, the Student Code of Conduct--COVID-19 Addendum, and the CalArts Returns Guidelines. Students living off campus should review and familiarize themselves with all published CalArts policies

When living off campus, it is important to remember that many of your neighbors have been living in the community for years and deserve your respect and cooperation as a CalArts student. Being a good neighbor means recognizing that your neighbors may be more vulnerable to the risks of COVID-19. Your consideration and cautious behaviors in your off-campus apartment/house will help to protect public health and support a positive relationship with your neighbors.

Hosting and Attending Parties and Large Gatherings:
Hosting and attending large gatherings off-campus comes with potential health risks and consequences to oneself and others. Due to the circumstances of this public health emergency and concerns with the contagious characteristics of COVID-19, reports of organizing, hosting, or attending parties or other large social gatherings off campus will be referred to the Office of Community Rights and Responsibilities for formal disciplinary action.

It is essential to outline supplemental policies and procedures which have evolved in response to COVID-19. As always, we will update you with information about specific health and safety guidance. You are responsible for complying with the rules, policies, and regulations contained within the Student Code of Conduct, the Student Code of Conduct--COVID-19 Addendum, and the CalArts Returns Guidelines. Because of the risks to the community for failure to adhere to these expectations, violation of these policies can result in disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion from the Institute.

C. Sanctions/Outcomes/Accountability

To emphasize the importance of adhering to the CalArts Returns Guidelines, sanctions and disciplinary actions will be administered for violations of stated expectations. While CalArts expects all students will be responsible and compliant members of the campus community as we navigate this academic year, any violations of public health requirements and COVID-19 conduct outlined in this policy will be addressed through the conduct process. The intent of these sanction guidelines is to mitigate health and safety risks associated with COVID-19 to protect all members of our campus and surrounding communities.

The following disciplinary measures for students serve as a guideline and may be adjusted as needed to properly address the severity of any situation. Interim measures may be utilized to remove an individual from campus.

Campus Return Requirements – To comply with Los Angeles County, California and Federal requirements, whether we are remote, hybrid or in person, students must complete COVID-19 Training, and follow the requirements for COVID-19 self-screening (through the LiveSafe App). Failure to complete the COVID-19 Training, or complete the self-screening as outlined in the CalArts Returns guidelines is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct COVID-19 Policy.

The Office of Community Rights and Responsibilities will oversee student violations. Given the expectations for compliance and the health and safety risks for non-compliance, repeat offenders will face increasingly greater sanctions and egregious violations could lead to significant sanctions up to and including interim suspension, suspension or expulsion after one offense.

The following is a general guideline for sanctions that, again, can be accelerated or modified as needed to address the specific situation.

First Violation— A letter will be sent to the student documenting the violation (e.g., failure to wear a face covering or practice physical distancing) with a warning that future violations will warrant more significant action. If first violation is a significant or egregious violation, the violation will be addressed accordingly and beyond the written warning.

Second Violation— The student will receive a formal conduct notice and addressed through the conduct process. . If found responsible, the student may be restricted from access to campus, placed on disciplinary probation and/or required to complete additional educational sanctions. Depending up the repeat violation, the student may be subject to suspension from the Institute.

Third Violation— The student will receive a formal conduct notice and addressed through the conduct process. A third violation of COVID-19 requirements and expectations may result in suspension from the Institute for up to two years.


VI. Review and Revision

Under the direction of the Office of Community Rights and Responsibilities, this Student Code of Conduct--COVID-19 Addendum and related procedures shall be reviewed and updated to comply with current county, state and federal guidelines.


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