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Travel: Travel Policy


It is the policy of the Institute that all reasonable expenses for official travel shall be reimbursed in accordance with the guidelines set forth below. It is recognized that exceptions will be necessary from time to time and these should be cleared, in advance if possible, with the Vice President for Administration or his/her authorized representative.

If travel is being done for the purpose of recruiting students and the expense will be paid from the Admissions budget then the Admissions Office is to coordinate the booking of airline tickets, hotel reservations, and rental cars as applicable.

1. Airplane: economy (or other intermediate class) should be used. Ticket stubs should be attached to the request for reimbursement.
2. Automobile: travel by private auto is reimbursable at the standard mileage rate of $ .54 per mile provided such total reimbursement does not exceed equivalent air coach fare or other reasonable available transportation. Necessary extra costs for food and lodging while in route are not reimbursable if the traveler is reimbursed on a mileage basis in preference to air travel or other public transportation.
3. Rental Automobiles: rental autos may be used when such rental is more advantageous to the Institute than the use of taxis or other means of transportation. Advance reservations for compact automobiles should be requested. (When a compact rental reservation has been made and none is available rental agencies usually will provide a standard vehicle at a compact rate.) Faculty and staff traveling on Institute business do not need to purchase the property/loss damage insurance offered. However, there is a $500 deductible if this insurance is not taken.
4. Taxi Service: fares including reasonable tips are allowable if no other reasonable public transportation is available. Airport shuttle (such as "Flyaway," etc.) bus service is recommended.

1. Meals: meal expense should be claimed only when there is an actual meal expense (e.g., not when the meal is on an airplane, at a meeting where the registration covers the cost of meals, etc.).

A flat daily meal expense of $50.00 may be claimed without receipts.

Actual expense for meals and tips is reimbursable at a maximum cost, in cities other than shown below, as follows:
Breakfast $10.00/person
Lunch $15.00/person 
Dinner $25.00/person
Total per day $50.00/person 

In Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC the maximum cost is as follows:
Breakfast $ 20.00/person
Lunch $ 30.00/person 
Dinner $ 50.00/person
Total per day $100.00/person 

2. Hotel: actual reasonable hotel expense when supported by vouchers is reimbursable. (No maximum is established since it is recognized that reasonable expense differs according to the size of the city and area of the country.)

3. Other Necessary Miscellaneous Expenses: reimbursement is provided if properly explained and if supported by vouchers for expenses in excess of $15.00. These expenses include such things as special fees for foreign travel, costs of obtaining passports and visas, rental of office machines, registration fees at conferences, conventions, etc. Personal telephone calls will be reimbursed but must be kept to a minimum.

A cash advance equal to estimated out-of-pocket costs may be requested. At the conclusion of the trip, all expenses must be itemized with the cash advance indicated as an offset to the total expense.

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Jan 2016