Institute Affairs Policies

Guest Policy

In order to establish reasonable precautions to ensure the privacy and safety of students and yet avoid either unrealistic or over-restrictive procedures, the Institute asks students to notify Campus Safety when they are going to have guests arrive on campus after 8 p.m. Campus Safety should be called or emailed the day that the guest is expected so that Campus Safety will have the person’s name at the front gate and the name of the host student.

Academic Buildings
Guests who are on the guest list will be directed to the academic buildings. Guests visiting students in the academic buildings should be told by the student where they will meet within the buildings. Campus Safety can then direct the guest to that area. Guests must be with the student at all times, and students are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

Housing (Chouinard Hall & Ahmanson Hall)
If Campus Safety has advance notice from the Housing Office of a visiting guest the visitor will be allowed on campus and directed to the appropriate housing facility. The name and room number of the student will be noted.

Guests Not on the List
If the student is an on-campus resident the visitor will remain at the gate and Campus Safety will contact the Resident Assistant on duty to locate the student. If the student cannot be located then the guest will be advised to contact the student by phone or other means until clearance is made before the guest is permitted on campus.

Receptions and Halloween & Spring Party
A student guest list will be established by the person(s) hosting a reception. This guest list will be furnished to Campus Safety 24 hours in advance of the reception. The list will include the student’s name as well as the guest(s) name(s). If a person is not on the guest list but gives the full name of the student, they will be admitted at the front gate but must be accompanied by the student in order to be admitted to the reception. Separate procedures apply to guest(s) at the Halloween Party and the Spring Event. Performances, Openings and Other Events Commencing after 8 p.m.

In order to be admitted at the gate, guests must know the location and type of performance and the host student’s name, if applicable.

Overnight Guests (On Campus Housing)
  • Roommates and suitemates must agree in advance.
  • The guest must be registered with the Housing Office (forms are available in the Housing office).
  • There is a limit per student of one guest per semester for a maximum of three days/two nights.
  • Guest must be with student at all times. For complete information on the procedures to follow, refer to the CalArts Housing brochure and/or the Housing Office.
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