Institute Affairs Policies

Institute Affairs: Comp Ticket Policy

Reserved Comp Ticket Policy

  1. Every request for complimentary tickets must be in writing. Special emergency requests must be submitted through the Office of Public Affairs.
  2. Comp ticket requests are accepted from the following only: the President's Office, the Director of Public Affairs, the Dean of the producing School, the Director/Producer and the Stage or House Manager of the show.
  3. For students, faculty and staff involved in the production, the Stage Manager will post a Comp Ticket Request sign-up sheet a few weeks prior to the opening. All those wishing comp tickets must put their request on this sheet.
  4. All comp requests made by students, faculty and staff must be made through the Stage or House Manager. The Ticket Office staff will not accept requests from anyone other than those listed above.
  5. Requests for comp tickets must be submitted to the Ticket Office Managers no later than TWO WEEKS prior to the show's opening.
  6. Any comp ticket requests received after that time are subject to availability.

Institute Comp Ticket Policy

  1. Every CalArts student, staff and faculty member is allowed ONE complimentary ticket per performance IF they follow the guidelines below.
  2. Complimentary tickets are available ONE HOUR before the performance.
  3. Complimentary tickets are available only when the show is not 75% sold out one hour before the performance begins.
  4. Faculty, staff and students must be willing to show a current CalArts I.D.
  5. Students, staff and faculty directly involved in a production must follow the guidelines for Reserved Comp Tickets above.
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