Institute Affairs Policies

Institute Affairs: Rental or Loan of CalArts Equipment

It is sometimes appropriate for CalArts equipment to be rented or loaned to off-campus individuals or organizations. It is necessary that controls be established since the rental or loan of equipment causes difficulty in equipment accountability as well as funds control. Accordingly, no person should rent or loan equipment to non-CalArts personnel for use on or off campus without proper authorization.

Permission to rent or loan equipment must be given by the Associate Vice President, Chief Operating Officer or their delegate in advance and before any firm commitments are made.

The renting or loaning of equipment to non-Calarts personnel for on- or off-campus use also must be authorized by the dean or the administrative person charged with equipment responsibility. Students are entitled to first usage of all equipment and since maintaining equipment is always a concern, it is essential that equipment loans and rentals be authorized only when it is in the best interests of CalArts. Casual and indiscriminate loans or rentals of equipment should not be allowed.

Please see the Facilities Management Office if there are any questions.

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