Institute Affairs Policies

Parking: Parking Violations

It has become apparent that parking violation stickers placed on windshields of cars are ineffective in controlling parking on the campus. Even though there is sufficient parking for all students, faculty and staff, there are a few who continually disregard red zones, and ignore handicapped, visitors and the reserved parking signs.

The following action will be taken for all parking violations: Each offense -- a parking violation sticker will be attached to the window in the left front door above the door handle and a fine, in accordance with section will be levied. All amounts received for fines will be used for parking area repairs and improvements.

Everyone is required to display a decal on their vehicle on the front left corner of the windshield. These decals are available from the security office. Ahmanson Hall Road: This road is a "fire road" and may be used only for loading/unloading for a maximum of 20 minutes. All vehicles, including those of residents, must be removed and parked in other designated parking areas. A $100 fine is assessed for each violation. The Ahmanson Hall road is locked at 9 p.m. daily and reopened at 6 a.m. the next day. Vehicles "locked in" on this road will not be able to leave until the following morning. Fines are due and payable upon receiving notice of violation and are issued by the housing office.

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