Institute Affairs Policies

Parking/Campus Driving

On-campus parking is available to all students, with parking lots located adjacent to Chouinard Hall and the main building; students with automobiles must have a parking permit displayed in the vehicle’s front left window. Parking permits may be obtained from the Campus Safety Office D100. No fee is required.

The speed on campus is 10 mph. It is the responsibility of each person to abide by all traffic laws as set forth in the California Vehicle Code, as well as regulations established for this campus. Those charged with speeding or reckless driving will be fined $100. All fines are due and payable upon receiving notice of violation and are issued by Campus Safety.

Parking Violations include: parking in a red zone; parking in a handicapped or reserved space; parking longer than 20 minutes in a temporary parking (green) zone, or visitors space; parking in a hazardous manner and parking in spaces reserved for the President, President’s guests or the nurse.

These rules are enforced on a 24-hour a day, seven-days a week basis.

A parking violation notice will be placed under the windshield wiper and a $100 fine will be levied. Ahmanson Hall Road is a fire road and may be used only for loading/unloading for a maximum of 20 minutes.

All vehicles, including those of residents, must be removed and parked in other designated parking areas. A $100 fine is assessed for any violation. Parking in the Library Loading Dock Area, E-Ramp and the C-Annex Red Zone will result in a $100 fine. Any vehicle left on campus which does not have a current vehicle registration (with the Department of Motor Vehicles) or which is not in a drivable condition will be considered an “abandoned vehicle.” The vehicle is subject to removal by the Institute 10 days after issuing notice to the owner. If the vehicle is not registered with CalArts, then no notice can be given and the notice period is waived.

Any continuing student who wishes to leave a vehicle on campus during the summer recess must receive approval in advance from the Campus Safety Office (E100) and leave a vehicle key and address/phone number where he/she can be reached. Due to maintenance/construction, it may be necessary to have the vehicle moved. This is done at the owner’s risk. Each student is authorized to have no more than one vehicle on campus.

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