Institute Affairs Policies

Telephones: Telephone Service

Telephones are installed in all Institute offices and departments and should be used for institutional business transacted by employees of the institution. Personal business of any nature must be limited except in cases in which schools/departments have made special arrangements. A few pay telephones are located at various places on campus for use of students, faculty, staff and the public. Personal cell phones are preferable for conducting personal business. These calls should be made during lunch and rest periods.

Telephone numbers and extensions of Institute personnel are provided in the Phone Directories which are available in each school/department. Information on the use of our telephone and an Earthquake/Disaster Preparedness and Survival Guide is also provided in the Phone Directory. The Office of Public Affairs is responsible for printing the telephone book.

The Institute's switchboard is located on the third floor of the main building. The console (switchboard) attendant(s) is available for any assistance on telephone calls during normal working hours. After hours the control of the switchboard is transferred to the Security Office.

To Report Telephone Trouble 
In case of telephone problem, the office manager of Facilities Management should be called by dialing 7807 and describing the problem. We utilize an outside telephone maintenance company and they will only respond to an authorized individual. Any telephone problem that occurs after hours and during weekends should be reported to Security by calling 2114.

School/Department Billing 
Outgoing telephone calls for each school/department are recorded and charged to the applicable school/department by the Accounting Office. Detailed and summary telephone calls are sent and charged to each school/department on a monthly basis.

Telephone Installations 
A request for a new telephone installation or a request to change an existing office telephone installation may be made by completing a Facilities Management work order and sending it to Facilities Management.

Employee Office Changes 
New staff members will be reported to the console attendant by the Office of Human Resources. New faculty members will be reported to the console attendant by their school. Members who change extensions should report their change to the console attendant.

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