Safety & Security Policies

Workplace Security Policy

As an Institute we are firmly committed to providing a workplace that is free from acts of violence or threats of violence. Although some kinds of violence result from societal problems that are beyond our control, we believe that measures can be adopted to increase protection for employees and to provide a secure workplace.

In keeping with this commitment, we have established a strict policy that prohibits any employee from threatening or committing any act of violence in the workplace, while in duty, while on Institute-related business, or while operating any vehicle or equipment owned or leased by the Institute. This policy applies to all employees, including faculty, department heads, supervisors, and non-supervisory employees. In order to achieve our goal of providing a workplace that is secure and free from violence, we must enlist the support of all employees.

Compliance with this policy and the Institute's commitment to a "zero tolerance" policy with respect to workplace violence is every employee's responsibility. Employees are required to report any incident involving a threat of violence or act of violence immediately to their supervisor or, if they prefer, the Director of Human Resources. The supervisor must report the matter immediately to the Director of Human Resources who will investigate the matter and take appropriate corrective action. This may include imposing disciplinary action upon any employee who violates this policy, up to and including immediate termination. If employees become aware of any workplace safety hazards or identify methods of increasing security in the workplace, they should report that information to their supervisor or the Director of Human Resources as well. Employees are required to report violations of this policy, including any incidents involving actual or threatened violence. They may do so without fear or retaliation of any kind. If you have any questions concerning this policy, please feel free to contact the Director of Human Resources at your convenience.

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