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Degree Conferral

Upon completion of overall unit requirements, Institute residency requirements, and all final program requirements, including all coursework, reviews, performances, and any other non-course requirements specified by the School, the Registrar's Office will post the degree or certificate to the academic transcript and order a diploma. Neither the transcript nor the diploma will be released to students who have not fulfilled all obligations to the Institute.

CalArts has three conferral dates each year: the final date of the spring and fall semesters as determined by the academic calendar, and August 31 for students completing their degree requirements during the summer months. Students will be assigned the conferral date most closely following the completion of all degree requirements. The date that degree requirements are completed may be the final day of the term, or it may be determined by the date of completion of the thesis project or dissertation, completion of an outstanding incomplete grade, or completion of approved transfer coursework. The completion date will be reflected on the transcript, and the conferral date will be reflected on the diploma. 

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Adopted Date:
Mar 2015