Institute Affairs Policies

Alcohol and Drugs Policy
Alcohol Policy for Schools and Departments
Approval and Signing Authority
Bicycles, Skates, Skateboards, Scooters
Building & Grounds: Use of Institute Facilities by Outside Groups
Building and Grounds: School Equipment
Buildings and Grounds: Buildings, New Construction or Renovation
Buildings and Grounds: Equipment Policy
Buildings and Grounds: On-Campus Selling
Buildings and Grounds: Plant Care in Institute Offices
CalArts Privacy Policy
CalArts Travel Policy
Data Retention Policy
Exhibitions/Presentations Policy
Facilities Management: Facilities Management Work Order
Facilities Management: Key Numbering, Issuance Procedure and Keys Off of the Grand Master
Facilities Management: Maintenance
Facilities Management: Sale of Surplus/Obsolete Material
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)
Field Trip Policy
Governance: Conflict of Interest Policy
Guest Policy
Institute Affairs: Access to Academic Building During Summer Break and Space/Equipment Rental Procedures for Students
Institute Affairs: Chouinard Hall Guest Apartment
Institute Affairs: Comp Ticket Policy
Institute Affairs: Envelope Use
Institute Affairs: Events & Performances
Institute Affairs: Legal Services
Institute Affairs: Policy on Ownership, Copyright and Sale of Objects of Art Created by Members of the Institute
Institute Affairs: Rental or Loan of CalArts Equipment
Institute Affairs: Use of Institute Vans
Institutional Academic Policy Review
Non-Discrimination Policy
Parking/Campus Driving
Parking: Automobile Decals
Parking: Parking Violations
Parking: Vehicles in Use
Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Policy
Short-Term Visitor ID Badge
Student Records
Sublevel Painting Rules
Telephones: Telephone Service
Travel: Approved Drivers for CalArts' Vehicles
Tuition and Fees Refund Policy for Fall and Spring Only
Understanding of CalArts Promotional Use of Student Name, Image, and Creative Work
Vandalism Policy
Veterans Administration Yellow Ribbon Program