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Mentoring Policy

Each student entering the Institute is assigned a faculty mentor from the School in which the student enrolls. The mentor plays a key role in advising and guiding the student in achieving artistic and educational goals. The mentor monitors each mentee’s progress toward fulfillment of program requirements.

In carrying out these responsibilities:

  1. The mentor meets with the student at each class sign–up to approve a program of study, helping to ensure that the degree or certificate requirements and other standards of the Institute are being met in the métier. 
  2. The mentor attends and approves the outcome of all reviews of his/her mentees, evaluates student exchange participation, monitors internship experience, recommends and approves adjustments to year level and meets with the student, at the student’s request, during the semester. It is highly recommended that mentors make an effort to meet with mentees at least once each semester. 
  3. Toward the end of each spring semester, the mentor prepares the Mentor’s Report (Fall for December Graduates) for each mentee. These reports are done online and describes the student’s development and progress in the program and become part of the student’s electronic academic record.

These reports are available to the student online. The Mentor’s Report may include information about the student’s advancement in year level, Critical Studies maintenance of effort (BFA students), completion of the course work of each semester, as well as an overall assessment of the student’s activities in the metier. It is prepared online by the mentor each year, is subject to the dean’s review and is submitted online via no later than the third Thursday after graduation day of the academic year.

Each school may develop other requirements and mentoring procedures supplementary to those listed above. Students may request a change of mentor by completing a Change of Status form,  (requires the signature of the dean).

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