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Understanding of CalArts Promotional Use of Student Name, Image, and Creative Work

I understand that the CalArts Office of Communications is responsible for initiatives promoting the Institute and its educational and artistic programs, and that, in the course of doing so, this office may engage in the following:

  • Use of my name.
  • Use of my photographic or video likeness. 
  • Reference to artistic, musical, literary, or any other student creative work produced in connection with my studies at CalArts.
  • Use of representation, reproduction, display, or performance of any such student work as listed above.

I further understand and acknowledge that:

  • Such uses by CalArts shall be limited to the development and promotion of the Institute's non-profit educational objectives.
  • All documentation made by CalArts of student work is the property of CalArts and may be used for promotional, informational, and instructional purposes, including reproduction or other representation in printed and electronic publications, websites, press kits, promotional presentations, and classroom instruction.
  • Any such uses shall comply with the United States Copyright Law of 1976.
  • CalArts has a non-exclusive right to the promotional, informational or instructional uses of my student creative work.
  • I will not receive any compensation for the uses of my student creative work by CalArts as cited above.The aforementioned non-exclusive right to the promotional use of work made as a CalArts student may continue after I graduate.

Students who do not wish CalArts to display their creative work for Institute promotional, informational or instructional purposes, or who do not wish their names and/or photographic or video likelinesses to appear in CalArts publications, websites, press kits, or any other promotional materials, must notify the CalArts Office of Communications to this effect. Students may also specify conditional uses, if any, of their names, likenesses, and representations of creative work. Notifications must be made via email, addressed to

Upon receiving such e-mail notifications, the Office of Communications will return to the student a confirmation of receipt, which the student should retain for their records. The date of the Communications e-mail confirmation constitutes the date after which CalArts will no longer use that student's name, likeness, or representation of their creative work for Institute promotional purposes. 

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