Employment & Workplace Policies

Tuition Remission

Eligibility – Children and Spouse

A. Employees with five years of employment at CalArts are eligible for tuition remission for family members. Employees must work at least 50% time for all five years in order to apply. Eligibiliy will commence the first semester after five years of employment.

Employees eligible are as follows:

  1. Regular Faculty
  2. Technical Faculty
  3. Regular Staff

Employees on unpaid leave are not eligible.

B. Tuition remission is limited to one family member per employee, which can be:

  1. A child**
  2. A child from a spouse's previous relationship (stepchildren)**
  3. A child of a domestic partner**
  4. A spouse
  5. A domestic partner
    **Children, as defined by this policy, must be legal dependents for federal income tax purposes.

C. Tuition Remission for a spouse; a child from a spouse's previous relationship; a domestic partner; and a child of a domestic partner are subject to a waiting period of three years from the date of the marriage or proof of three years of domestic partnership.


Tuition remission requests must be received in writing by the Provost no later than the last day of the fall semester for the following academic year (this applies to both Fall and Spring enrollees). This applies to both new requests and requests for renewal. Late requests will not be honored.


Tuition remission is not subject to your application for financial aid. If you desire any other form of financial aid, such as Subsidized or Unsubsidized Stafford Student Loans, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work Study, California State Scholarship Grant (CalGrant) or CalArts scholarship funds, you must apply through the Office of Financial Aid and complete the FAFSA according to established Institute guidelines. If institutional (CalArts) financial aid funds are received in excess of tuition, the tuition remission amount will be reduced (Total, combined institutional aid and tuition remission may not exceed tuition charges).

Amount of Tuition Remission

A. The amount of tuition remission is based on the number of years an employee has worked for CalArts. Full-time employees are eligible for tuition remission as follows:

  • 6-7 years of employment: 25% of tuition
  • 8-9 years of employment: 50% of tuition
  • 10 or more years of employment: 75% of tuition

The maximum amount of tuition remission available to any eligible family member is 75% of tuition.

B. Part-time (based on FTE) employees will be eligible for a prorated amount of tuition after applying the above percentage for years of service.

Maximum Duration of Tuition Remission

A. Undergraduate

  • Enter as BFA 1 -- 8 semesters
  • Enter as BFA 2 -- 6 semesters
  • Enter as BFA 3 -- 4 semesters
  • Enter as BFA 4 -- 2 semesters

B. Graduate

  • Enter as MFA 1 -- 6 semesters (or maximum number of semesters normally required for a degree)
  • Enter as MFA 2 -- 4 semesters (or maximum number of semesters normally required for a degree)
  • Enter as MFA 3 -- 2 semesters


A. Tuition remission is limited to one degree at CalArts. Family members are not eligible for a second degree.

B. Tuition remission is limited to one family member, child or spouse/domestic partner (e.g., multiple children of an employee are not eligible).

C. All tuition remissions are granted for one year at a time. Requests must be renewed annually.

D. The continuation of the Program, as well as the benefits level and/or eligibility requirements are subject to change at any time.

Admissions Procedures

Regular admission procedures must be adhered to in all instances.


Graduate tuition remission is taxable to the employee receiving the tuition benefit. The amount of tuition benefit is subject to withholding taxes pursuant to current tax law, including personal income tax, FICA (social security), and state disability.

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Apr 2011