Institute Affairs Policies

Short-Term Visitor ID Badge

Any short-term visitor that will be on campus for a period of two to six weeks should be issued a new ID badge.

The new ID Badge is red, and will include an ID photo, the word “visitor” and an expiration date.  This new red ID badge will alert front gate security to check the expiration date before the visitor is allowed on campus (a parking decal is not necessary).

The new short-term visitor ID badge can also be programmed for keyed lock entry, flex dollars, and can be used as ID to pick up paychecks from the cashier.  If the visitor badge is programmed for keyed lock entry, the badge will deactivate on the day after the expiration date.

Each supervisor will be responsible for walking the visitor to the Registrar’s Office to obtain the ID badge and informing the Registrar’s Office of the expiration date of the visit.  The supervisor will also need to complete a work order if the badge is to be programmed to access any keyed locks.  The work order should include the visitor’s name, the word “visitor”, the specific room(s) the badge can access, and the expiration date.

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Adopted Date:
Mar 2012