Institute Affairs Policies

Vandalism Policy

CalArts will respond in one of the following ways to individuals who are found to have committed vandalism on campus:

  1. Non CalArts students will be referred to local law enforcement officials.
  2. CalArts students who are caught vandalizing will be notified that they will be fined. Campus Safety officers will explain this to the student once they have confirmed the student’s name. The incident report will be distributed to administration. A bill will be generated by Facilities based on the time and materials needed to repair the vandalism. That bill will be given to the Accounting Office for collection. The Vice President for Student Experience may follow up with additional disciplinary action.
  3. If the student is identified at a later date, the investigation and mediation will be handled by the Vice President for Student Experience. The bill for repair will be determined by Facilities and given to the Accounting Office for collection.
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