Safety & Security Policies

Health and Safety: Special Effects (Smoke) Machines

The use of a special effects (smoke) machine must be pre-approved.

A. For use in a theatre production, film shoot or art exhibit 

  1. Work Order request
    Send a work order to Facilities Management, attention Safety Coordinator, stating where (room) and when the machine is to be used. The Safety Coordinator will authorize the use of the machine after verifying that all necessary steps will be taken to ensure that proper notification is given to anyone who will be in that room (audience, participants, etc.). Smoke machines can cause adverse health effects for some people with certain health conditions. 
  2. Notification immediately before use
    Before starting the machine call Facilities Management (normal work week) or Security (evenings/weekends). The special effects (smoke) machine will often trigger the smoke alarms that are throughout the academic building. This will set off the fire alarm unless prior notification is given.

B. For parties, receptions, special events 

  1. Reception Scheduling Request
    The proposed use of special effects (smoke) machines must be noted in the appropriate space of the Reception Scheduling Request form. The Institute Coordinator will notify the Safety Coordinator and coordinate the approval. Security will also be advised.
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