Student Life Policies

Pets on Campus


This policy applies to students, faculty, staff and visitors. It does not apply to guide, signal or service dogs used by disabled persons.

Pets are allowed on campus and in the academic building on a leash held by a person, or in an appropriate cage or carrier.  Members of the CalArts community must register their pets before bringing the animal on campus.  Pet registration occurs in the Facilities Office and the Campus Safety office during hours of operation.  Dogs and cats must be licensed by Los Angeles County and wear their license while on campus.

Restrictions on Pets

• Pets are not allowed in or on Chouinard or Ahmanson property, including the pool area and Mom’s Cafe.

• Pets are not allowed in the following areas of the academic building: Café @ CalArts serving and dining areas; restrooms/bathrooms; the Bijou Theater; the Library; Tatum Lounge; classes, studios, labs or offices when either students, staff or faculty object; any area in which a performance or presentation of any type is being held; and other areas which may be noted as “off limits” from time to time for specific reasons. Complaints about the presence of pets should be made to the person in charge of the space in question.

• Pets may not run free, nor may they be tied either inside or outside the building.

What to do if you encounter an abandoned pet:

Contact Campus Safety at 661-222-2702, with the description and location of the abandoned pet and/or unrestrained animal, or for assistance with removing an animal.

Violations of Pet Policy:

 Bringing a pet on campus is a privilege that can be revoked. Failure to have the pet on a leash after a second fine will result in losing the privilege of bringing the pet on campus. Bringing a pet on campus after the privilege has been denied could result in disciplinary action against the student. Any pet that attacks a person or another pet will be banned from campus. Penalties for Pet Violations: $25 for each violation. 

Responsibilities of Pet Owners

  • The owner or handler shall properly dispose of all his/her animal’s waste in a trash container, both inside and outside of all campus buildings.
  • Pets must be registered with the Facilities Office, as described above.
  • Pet owners must ensure that the pet is not vicious and does not pose a threat to the safety of the Institute community.
  • Owners must make certain that the animal does not bite another pet or person while on CalArts’ property.
  • Owners must prevent their animal from interfering with or obstructing Institute activities including classes, scheduled events or any other Institute function.
  • Pets are not allowed to enter any facility in which food is prepared or served.
  • Owners must at all times keep the animal on a leash or in an appropriate cage or carrier, and under the owner’s control, while on the CalArts campus buildings and grounds.

CalArts Pet Registration Form

Adopted Date:
Aug 1986
Revised Date:
Nov 2011