Accounting: Petty Cash

Often it is necessary to make small purchases on behalf of the Institute or travel locally on CalArts business. In instances where it is inefficient to prepare a purchase order or submit a check request for repayment of costs, a petty cash fund is available. Since petty cash funds are only for minor and infrequent purchases, or for items such as mileage, the amount of petty cash reimbursement is limited to a maximum of $40.00 per item.

Receipts must be submitted to the Accounting Office when requesting repayment for purchases.

  • Total miles driven and cost-per-mile (see Travel: Travel Policy for limitations) must be stated on the Petty Cash Voucher to receive reimbursement for mileage. 
  • An authorized signer (see Authorized Signatures Policy) must approve the Petty Cash Voucher and an account number is mandatory.
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