Accounting: Recharges, Interdepartmental

The inter-departmental Recharge Form has been designed to record and charge expenses incurred by one department/school for the benefit of another. All recharges must be prepared and distributed by the end of the month in which the expense is incurred.


The inter-departmental Recharge Form should be distributed after completion as follows: the original to the Accounting Office and one copy to the department/school being charged. Retain one copy.

  1. Write in the department/school to be charged. You may get this information from the department/school receiving the materials or service. 
  2. Write in your department/school and the account name and number where the expense was incurred. 
  3. The descriptive space on the form is for detailing the charges. This information is necessary for your departmental accounting as well as for the recharged department/school. 
  4. The Submitted by space is completed by the person authorizing the recharge. 
  5. The approval must be by an employee authorized by the department/school. Reference Administrative Manual – ACCOUNTING: Authorized Signatures.
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