Building and Grounds: School Equipment

Equipment purchased or manufactured by Institute shops and labs must conform to established regulations covering campus safety, fire, health and other applicable state, county and city codes, and must have UL approval.

The Facilities Management Department is concerned with Institute equipment only in reference to its relationship and compatibility with the environment in which it is to be placed, i.e. utility demand, effect upon structures and its physical installation. It will not be the responsibility of the Facilities Management Department to evaluate the need for such equipment or to prescribe manufacturer or source of purchase.

I. Procurement and Installation

A. Schools and departments are encouraged to seek consultation with Facilities Management prior to ordering or manufacturing equipment which may create problems of installation or operation as related to buildings or utilities. Facilities Management will confer with the activity involved to make arrangements for any building or utility modification.

B. Equipment satisfying the following requirements is NOT involved:

  1. Will require no alteration or permanent connection to building utilities. 
  2. Will not require water, steam, gas, air or vacuum connections or other utility service. 
  3. Will draw no more than 1000 watts of electric power from buildings. (All electrical equipment must be equipped with three-wire, grounded power cords and three-pronged plugs and UL approved.) 
  4. Will not require external electrical power other than 110-220 V, 60 cycle, A.C. 
  5. Will not require special mounting or attachment to structures or building furnishings. 
  6. Will not require building alterations. 
  7. Will not impose a floor load in excess of fifty pounds per square foot. 
  8. Will not produce excessive noise or vibration. 
  9. Will not introduce safety hazards or obstruct stairwells or passageways.

II. Maintenance 

A. Maintenance of equipment purchased or manufactured by schools/departments will be the responsibility of the owning school/department.

B. Facilities Management will periodically inspect ALL equipment to check compliance with known safety codes. Corrections or violations will be made at the expense of the school/department in which the equipment is used. The school/department may make its own corrections, provided that the Director of Facilities Management gives prior approval.

C. Schools and departments are encouraged to utilize the service of the Facilities Management Department for continuing maintenance.

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