Building & Grounds: Use of Institute Facilities by Outside Groups

In order to clarify the use of Institute space and facilities by outside groups the following guidelines will be used:

  1. Use of space will be confined to groups who are sponsored by schools, departments or administration; or community nonprofit groups who are involved in fund raising for community purposes.
  2. Approval of such use must be given by the President or Vice President for Administration. All inquiries should be routed through the Office of the Vice President for Administration.
  3. The Vice President for Administration or his designated representative will make arrangements for space with the school/department to which the space is assigned.
  4. Generally speaking, no space may be used if it interferes with an academic or other Institutional program. Exceptions may be made only with the express permission of an administrative officer of the activity which is being dispossessed.
  5. Appropriate charges for use, special services, and clean up will be billed to the organization which uses the space.
  6. Exceptions to the above may be made to the Vice President for Administration or the President.


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