CalArts Travel Policy

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CalArts is committed to safe travel for students and faculty, especially when they are traveling as part of a CalArts sponsored trip (which is defined as a trip organized by a CalArts employee or a trip funded by a CalArts account). These guidelines provide the steps and procedures that must be undertaken prior to, during and after travel. This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, alumni or guest artists participating in an overnight trip. For off-campus trips that do not involve an overnight stay, please refer to the “Field Trip” policy.

It is essential that the Institute ensure that its business travel accident insurance is current and valid for CalArts sponsored trips. CalArts is not responsible for any unauthorized side excursions outside of the program activities. If a trip organizer or participant makes alternate plans that have not been listed on the official trip itinerary, or if s/he deviates from the approved program during the trip, that person will take the responsibility and liability for his/her own actions.

Faculty and/or Staff Sponsor Responsibilities
The faculty/staff sponsor and the sponsoring School are responsible for being sufficiently prepared for the handling of emergency situations, including but not limited to incidents of illness, injury, crime, natural disasters and political unrest. The sponsor(s) must take the following steps to help ensure the safety and well being of CalArts students:

Before the trip, the sponsor or individual traveler must

  • Inform his/her dean, program director and the International Student Affairs Office (if international travel) or the Office of the Provost (if domestic travel) of travel plans, educational objectives and a working itinerary. This should be done no later than one month prior to international travel, and at least two weeks prior to domestic travel.
  • Check the latest entry requirements with the foreign embassy of the country to be visited (if the trip is international). Some countries have special requirements for foreign visitors, including entry/exit visas, inoculations/medical tests and proof of insurance. Country specific information, travel warning and travel alerts are accessible through the State Department’s travel information website at
  • Register travel plans with the State Department (if international) through the free online service at
  • Communicate any travel related requirements to the trip participants (students, other faculty, alumni, guest artists, etc.), including the necessity for passports, visas, proof of insurance, mandatory inoculations etc.
  • Schedule an orientation meeting for all of the participants to review the CalArts Disciplinary Policy and the CalArts Travel Policy. Make clear that anyone in serious violation of this policy (as determined by the sponsor in consultation with the School and the Office of the Provost) will be sent home without reimbursement by the Institute.
  • Distribute, obtain signatures and collect the “Assumption of Risk and Release” waiver form (if international) OR the “Release from Liability” waiver form (if domestic) and collect emergency contact information, copies of passports, visas and proof of insurance for all faculty, student participants and other participants (e.g., alumni, guest artists, etc.). Students and other participants who do not submit this information may not travel.
  • Create a trip emergency plan (“Emergency Plan Form”).
  • Prepare copies of the following documents: (1) Travel-Checklist for Student Travel or Forms and Documents Checklist for Individual Student Travel (2) Travel-Emergency Plan Form, (3) Travel-Emergency Information Form; and (4) a detailed trip itinerary. Distribute these forms at least one week in advance to the following: (1) International Student Advisor (if international) or the Associate Provost (if domestic) and (2) the Dean or Department Head of the sponsoring School or Division.
During the trip, the sponsor(s) must

  • Establish contact with the local host representative.
  • Register with the local U.S. Embassy or consular service (if international).
  • Stay in regular contact with participants.
  • Address any emergencies or hazardous conditions/activities.
  • Address and report any conduct/behavior issues immediately to the Dean of the sponsoring School, the International Student Advisor and the Associate Provost.
After the trip, the sponsor(s) must

  • Host a post-trip meeting, collect student evaluations of the trip and submit them to the Dean of the sponsoring School or Division and the International Student Affairs Office (if international) or the Office of the Provost (if domestic).
  • Send an email to the Dean of the sponsoring School, the International Student Affairs Office (if international), the Office of the Provost  Provost (if domestic) and the Associate Vice President of Facilities, confirming that all students returned safely from the trip.

Faculty and staff traveling alone on CalArts sponsored business without students or other non-employee participants are not required to complete the paperwork associated with this policy. However, they are expected to follow the travel protocol outlined in this policy in order to minimize their risk while traveling. If traveling internationally, they are also strongly encouraged to file an itinerary and emergency contact form with the Dean of their School and the Office of International Relations, so that the Institute may be of assistance in an emergency.

Student/Other Participant Responsibilities
While traveling on a CalArts sponsored trip students are expected to follow the “Standards of Conduct” in the CalArts Disciplinary Policy, as outlined in the Course Catalog, and to follow all of the directives of the faculty or staff sponsor if there is one. Note that any student who chooses to travel either prior to or after the official trip does so at his/her own risk.

Prior to the trip students and other participants must

  • Attend the trip orientation meeting if there is one.
  • Obtain a current passport and visa. (This can take some time, so please start this process early.)
  • Acquire adequate medical and accident insurance (sometimes included in travel insurance) for the trip. This is the responsibility of the student and is required for participation. Students must pay their own medical/hospital expenses, so they should be familiar with all aspects of their policy. Students participating in international travel must provide proof of overseas coverage.
  • Complete the Emergency Contact Information Sheet and the “Assumption of Risk and Release” form (if international) or “Release from Liability” form (if domestic) at the Orientation meeting and provide the faculty/staff sponsor with a copy of the passport, visa and proof of overseas or travel insurance. Students who do not submit this information in a timely manner may not travel.
  • Provide a close friend or relative with the travel itinerary and a copy of his/ her passport.
  • Review the Individual Travel Checklist.
During the trip, students are expected to

  • Familiarize themselves with the local conditions and laws.
  • Observe commonly accepted standards of conduct. The bad behavior of one participant reflects poorly on the group as a whole.
  • Take precautions to avoid being a target of crime.
  • Stay in regular contact with the faculty or staff sponsor.

After the trip, students must attend a post-trip meeting and complete an evaluation of the trip.

Administrative Responsibilities
International Student Affairs Office (if international) / Office of the Provost (if domestic):
i. Maintains all forms from the faculty and/or staff sponsor and helps to ensure (along with the Faculty / Staff Sponsor) that all participants have submitted the required paperwork;
ii. Notifies the CalArts insurance carrier of the planned trip and approximate number of participants;
iii. Submits a copies of the Travel Checklist, Emergency Plan Form and the Emergency Contact Forms to the Associate Vice President of Facilities;
iv. Serves as the primary Institute contact for any problems that arise during the trip, including phoning the emergency contacts when appropriate.

Associate Vice President of Facilities:
i. Briefs security personnel on emergency protocol, including the initiation of a phone tree to the following individuals:
(1) International Student Affairs Office; (2) Dean of Students; (3) Associate Vice President of Facilities; and (4) the Provost and
Associate Provost.

Faculty/Staff Sponsor Forms
These forms are due at least one week in advance the Dean of the participating School(s) and to the International Student Affairs Office (if international) or the Office of the Provost  (if domestic). (The sponsor should also retain copies of this information for the trip.)

1. Travel-Checklist for for Student Travel – this must be accompanied by copies of all of the students’, faculty/staff members’, and other participants’ completed forms and materials:

  • “CalArts Assumption of Risk and Release” (international) or “CalArts release from Liability” (domestic) formTravel-Emergency Information Form
  • Travel-Emergency Information Form
  • Copy of their passports and visas
  • Copy of their proof of insurance

2. Individual Travel Checklist (to be distributed at the Orientation meeting)
3. Emergency Plan Form

Student/Other Participants Forms (due at the Orientation Meeting)

1. For international travel, “CalArts Assumption of Risk and Release” form OR for domestic travel, “CalArts Release from Liability” form
2. Emergency Information Form
3. Copy of passport and visa
4. Proof of adequate travel insurance (obtain from insurance carrier)

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