Entertainment: General Policy

1. General
There are occasions in which official entertaining is in the best interests of the Institute. It is essential that such entertaining be appropriate to the situation recognizing the financial constraints within which the Institute operates.

2. Meetings 
When the Institute is host or a sponsor of a meeting, costs of meals and light refreshments may be defrayed by the Institute.

3. Prospective Faculty/Middle Management 
When the Institute entertains a prospective faculty/middle management member, the costs of meals and other necessary expenses will be met by the Institute. Maximum expenses for such entertainment should not exceed the following

Breakfast $20.00/person 
Lunch $30.00/person 
Dinner $50.00/person

If possible there should be no more than two hosts per meal with a one-to-one ratio being preferable. The spouses or significant others of prospective faculty/middle management members may be included.

4. Intra-Institute (refers to CalArts personnel only) entertainment is not reimbursable. This includes but is not limited to the following: going away/retirement parties, gifts of any kind, working lunches/dinners, and holiday parties.

5. Reimbursement for lunch expense is reimbursable when an employee is away from the campus for the day attending a conference, seminar or meeting or entertainment is involved, or other unusual circumstances are involved. The maximum expense is $30.00/person.

6. Exceptions to the above may be granted. Permission in advance must be requested from the Vice President for Administration.

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