Facilities Management: Facilities Management Work Order


All requests for work to be done by Facilities Management will be submitted on a Work Order.

These requests will be either:

  1. Recharges (as defined by this policy and Administrative Manual policy
  2. Maintenance (see Administrative Manual policy
  3. Construction (see Administrative Manual policy


Recharges are requests for work that is not normal maintenance nor is it construction for which a specific budget has been allocated.

Examples of recharges are:

  1. Setting up a room or area for an event
  2. Request for keys
  3. Use of Institute van
  4. Request for services during a time which is not part of the normal work week (weekends, etc.)

Completion of Work Order form

(See sample work order form)

1. Recharge - Maintenance - Construction
The applicable box is to be checked.

2. Special Projects Estimate Request
Used for construction items only

i. Ballpark Estimate -- to be used to obtain a very general estimate of costs.
ii. Complete estimate -- use when you are willing to have a project bid in detail which could take several hours or days due to the number of trades involved or the complexity of a job.

  •  "If cost of making estimate will exceed $__." Fill in a dollar amount that is the maximum you are willing to spend to get the estimate. The amount should be at least $200.

3. School/Department

i. Notify in advance: Leave blank unless work could interfere with a class, performance, or office function.
ii. Coordinate time: To request a specific time for work to be done. (Should only be used under extraordinary circumstances.) iii. Notify When Complete: To be used only when work is in an area or of the type that the contact person would not normally be aware that the job is complete. Facilities Management will return a photocopy of the Work Order marked "complete." iv. All "recharge" or "construction" Work Orders must have an account number.
4. Description Use this section to give details. Attach sketches, lists, etc., to the Work Order.

Distribution of Work Order

The requestor keeps only the last copy. If more copies are needed by the requestor photo copies should be made before sending the Work Order to Facilities Management.


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