Facilities Management: Maintenance

I. General

To assist the schools and departments in controlling their budgets, when it is necessary to request service from the Facilities Management Department, certain items are normally considered as "maintenance items" and are not recharged to the school or department. Work must be requested by use of a work order form. Work will be done during the normal work week and within the normal cycle. Requests for work outside these parameters may become a recharge item. Before the start of each academic year a representative of Facilities Management can meet with a representative of each school to review the maintenance schedule for that school.

II. Maintenance

A. Custodial
Clean agreed upon areas which are expected to receive normal use. Shampoo carpets annually; normally during the summer or other times when school is not in session.

B. Electrical
Routine and preventative maintenance of lighting systems, circuit breakers and controllers. Trouble- shoot all electrical problems. Replace lamps with lamps which are Institute standard lamps.

C. H.V.A.C.
Routine and preventative maintenance of the academic building systems except Housing is recharged for all H.V.A.C. maintenance and repair in housing areas. Troubleshoot all H.V.A.C. problems. Schools with independent H.V.A.C. equipment and systems will be recharged for all work done.

D. Plumbing
Routine and preventative maintenance and repair of plumbing lines and fixtures.

E. Locksmith
Routine repair of locks, hinges, closures, etc.

F. Carpenter
Routine repair of walls, hand rails, doors, wood floors, etc.

G. Painting
Paint areas which need refurbishing due to normal wear and tear with standard Institute colors.

H. Safety
Handles routine safety requests and safety inspections. Takes care of hazardous waste control and disposal. Responds to all emergency situations. Obtains permits for use in maintaining buildings.

i. Some preventable emergency situations may be recharged to the student, school or department involved. 

I. Security
Routine security and safety of buildings and grounds. Checks out keys and unlocks doors as requested, if authorized, after the Physical Plant office is closed. Checks out vans for use, as authorized. Security for parties and events can be recharged to requesting student, school or department. Enforces regulations of the Institute.  

J. Grounds
Care and maintenance of the grounds and parking lots. Responsible for the recycling of materials left in recycling bins and maintains bins. Enforcement of vehicle parking and speeding violations in accordance with Institute policies.

K. Carpet replacement
Carpet is replaced based on the age and condition of the carpet and on the availability of Institute funds. Only Institute standard carpet will be used for replacement or for new installation.

L. Drapes
Drapes are no longer a standard item in offices. Mini blinds and vertical blinds are now standard for offices. Replacements will be made only with the approval of the Vice President for Administration. Drapes used in performance areas or for other special purposes are the responsibility of the particular school or the area containing the drapes. All drapes in performance areas must be fireproofed as required by the fire codes.

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