Faculty Affairs Policies

Field Trip Policy

All field trip participants are required to read and sign a copy of this policy, as well as the “Release from Liability” form, prior to departure.

Field trips are defined as any off-campus day trip led by a CalArts faculty or staff member or funded through a CalArts account. For overnight trips, please refer to the CalArts Travel Policy.

Faculty / Staff Sponsor Responsibilities

  1. Faculty or staff members supervising a group of students off-campus are required to have each participant sign the CalArts’ “Agreement and Release from Liability” form, as well as a copy of this policy. Participants who do not sign these forms are not permitted to join the field trip. These releases must be submitted prior to the trip to the trip supervisor’s dean or department head and to the Office of the Provost, along with a complete list of trip participants and a basic trip itinerary/description.
    If this is a multi-date field trip or off-campus class site, the supervising faculty or staff member must include all off-campus dates and locations on the waiver.
  2. Supervising faculty or staff members should make a reasonable effort to ensure the accountability and safety of students during field trips.
  3. It is expected that supervising faculty or staff members provide clear information and instructions to any participants at least a week prior to the trip, including information concerning transportation. Any required field trips must be prominently noted on the course syllabus, along with information about transportation to and from the site. Field trips that are optional and are not mandatory for course credit should be clearly identified as “voluntary.”
  4. Faculty/staff members who drive students to or from locations in their own vehicle do so at their own risk, and they must abide by all CalArts safe driving practices. In the event of an accident, the faculty member must use their personal vehicle insurance as the primary insurance.
    To avoid liability, it is highly recommended that faculty members make arrangements with the Facilities Management Office for an Institute van or ask the students to provide their own transportation and meet at the site.
    Institute vans must be reserved at least one week in advance through the Facilities Management Office and must be driven by an Institute approved/insured driver. For information on how to become an Institute approved driver, contact the Facilities Management Office.
  5. In the event of an accident or other emergency, the faculty or staff supervisor must immediately contact the dean of their School and the CalArts Campus Safety Supervisor (661-253-7700). If the incident happens outside of normal office hours, they must immediately contact the CalArts Security Office (661-222-2702).

Student/Other Participant Responsibilities

  1. All students and participants in off-campus field trips are required to read and sign CalArts’ “Agreement and Release from Liability” form. This form will be prepared and distributed by the supervising faculty or staff member. Students and
    participants are also required to read and sign a copy of this policy.
  2. Students and other participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to the off-campus site, unless transportation is provided by an Institute van/approved driver. CalArts, its trustees, agents and employees are not responsible or liable for any incidents related to students’ independent travel arrangements. Participants travel at their own risk.
  3. Students are also expected to abide by the CalArts’ “Standards of Conduct” (located in the “Disciplinary Policy.")