Professional/Personal Development Conference Workshop Reimbursement Policy

  1. Purpose: This holistic program was developed to improve the professional and personal development of CalArts staff members hereafter referred to as “employee(s)”. Through professional development, staff members will have the opportunity to enroll in programs that will enhance their present job skills, and increase their potential for promotion. Through personal development, staff members may enroll in personal development programs that will contribute to their overall health and wellbeing. 

  2. Employee EligibilityAll regular employees having twelve months of continuous service are eligible to participate in this program.

    Employees requesting reimbursement for a professional development conference or workshop must first determine if professional development funds are available through their particular school or department to cover the entire or partial cost of the conference or workshop.  Employees must be employed by CalArts upon completion of the conference or workshop in order to be reimbursed for the conference or workshop.
  3. Types of Professional Conferences/Workshops Covered: Conferences or workshops may relate to the employee's present work assignment or that which they may reasonably expect to aspire to within the Institute. These conferences or workshops should provide the participating employee with applicable skills, knowledge and competencies that will enrich their professional development.
  4. Types of Personal Workshops Covered: Employees may also enroll in personal development workshops or classes such as, art, dance or cooking to enhance their personal growth (gym memberships are not eligible for reimbursement).
  5. Work Schedule Limitations: Professional development conferences or workshops reimbursed under this program can be taken during regular work hours with prior management approval. If participation in a course requires being away from work, the employee and their supervisor must make arrangements to assure ongoing work assignments are met.

    If the conference or workshop is not job related, or a direct benefit to CalArts (i.e., accounting, business management, computer skill advancement), the employee must use accrued vacation to attend the conference or workshop. Personal development classes must be taken during non-duty hours. 

  6. Application Process: Employee must complete the Conference/Workshop Reimbursement Form, obtain appropriate departmental approvals, if applicable, and bring the signed form to the Office of Human Resources.

    The Office of Human Resources will notify the employee in writing whether their request for reimbursement is approved or denied. 

    Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reimbursements will be distributed until the $10,000 budgeted amount, made available each fiscal year, is exhausted. It is possible that the budgeted amount may be exhausted before the end of the fiscal year.  

    Applications are available on The Hub under Staff Forms or from the Office of Human Resources.           

  7. Reimbursement for Professional Development Workshops: Employees must pay all conference or workshop registration fee(s) prior to being reimbursed. If approved for reimbursement, CalArts will reimburse up to $500 in expenses for a professional development conference or workshop.

    Reimbursement for Personal Development Workshops: Employees must pay personal development workshop registration fee(s) prior to being reimbursed. If approved for reimbursement, CalArts will reimburse up to $200 in expenses for a personal development workshop. Expenses are limited to the cost of the class, entrance fees, or supplies.  Mileage, parking, and/or meals are not eligible for reimbursement.  Reimbursements for personal development workshops are taxable.

    Employees may submit a request for reimbursement once per semester.

    Employees must verify payment and the successful completion of a conference or workshop by presenting proof of registration including valid, original receipts, and certificates or other proof of attendance/completion to the Office of Human Resources before the reimbursement will be processed. Receipts, certificates or proof of attendance/completion must be submitted within 60 days of the completion of the conference or workshop.   

    Employees who have not previously requested reimbursement during the fiscal year will be given priority over employees who have already received reimbursement in the same year. This will be done to extend the benefit to as many employees as possible.

    Employees will not receive per diem for attending professional or personal development conferences or workshops.


Any exception to the Conference/Workshop Reimbursement Program requires the review and approval of the Associate Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer. 

Policy Category:
Adopted Date:
Mar 2019
Responsible Office:
Human Resources